Our Company

"Always be a work in progress"

Seizing Opportunity Since 1972

Recognizing an opportunity to revolutionize the funeral supply and casket industry, Vandor was established in 1972 to build burial caskets and interior components.

1980's-Early 2000's

Much growth came in the early years as we expanded and found our niche in supplying funeral components as well as developing our own lines of cremation caskets and urns.

Innovation leads to many paths

Utilizing our innovative manufacturing methods presented us with opportunities to expand into other industries. We began manufacturing reels for the wire industry using the same die-cutting methods developed so many years before.

Marketing makes sense


We found the best way to get our products into the right hands was to develop divisions that made sense for  the industries we served. With that in mind, we branched our funeral supplies division through our Starmark, Vision Casket and other brands, which we have now incorporated into Vandor Funeral Products.



Success with die-cut fiberboard reels led Vandor into CNC cutting plywood reels, and from there to begin production of low cost plastic reels under our Reel Options brand. With a full line of injection molding presses, we continue to manufacture reels, as well as supply custom plastic parts for industries such as automotive, funeral supply and consumer products. All through our Vandor Plastics division.


Using our History to Build our Future

Vandor continues to develop innovative products through our diverse company divisions by using what we've learned to achieve success for tomorrow. We have over 50 patents and 30 trademarks that prove our commitment to developing the best products for our customers.

"Knowledge has a beginning but no end" 

~Geeta S Iyengar

Knowledge is the key to success

Throughout our history Vandor has relied on our team to create, develop and grow. Their experience and pride in what they do allows us to continually adapt and expand to our ever-changing world. We grow through our teamwork.