Reel Options

No matter the application we have the Reel Options for you!

Reel Options by Vandor Corporation

Established in 1972 in Richmond, Indiana, Vandor Corporation began by specializing in custom die-cutting of chipboard and corrugated fiberboard components.  Our proprietary products simplified and revolutionized the process of trimming casket interiors and are still an integral part of our company today.

After several years of developing these unique products, we shifted our attention to other disciplines that could benefit from creative use of lightweight and strong converted paper products.  We devoted our R&D efforts to the packaging needs of the electrical connector industry and developed several corrugated fiberboard reels.  This success led to developing reel packaging products for other industries such as wire & cable, cordage, and fiber optics, while also branching out to other commodity materials such as our ENVIROMOLD® reprocessed resins.  Thus, Reel Options® was established.